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STARTUP LAZIO: l'intervista ad Aleardo Furlani

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We have gained a significant experience in the field of studies and development of regional innovation strategies, proposing original and innovative approaches to: Design strategies and innovation policies backing regional economy; Analyse and produce studies on innovation systems in order to draw up best practices and study their transfer
Through effective marketing strategies, business development services, studies and research, we accelerate market take-up and commercial exploitation of new technologies and business models. We enable you to define the best market opportunities reducing your technology and financial risks.


Most neurodegenerative diseases are progressive and incurable and therefore early diagnosis is of pivotal importance.
The European Commission published a study on parental control tools.This study was carried out for the European
The Italian biotech Externautics, participated by the Italian Funds Biofund and Value Italy SGR S.p.A. and the biotech
Il Piano Export Sud II a sostegno delle Regioni c.d meno sviluppate (Campania, Calabria, Puglia Basilicata e Sicilia) e
Malta Enterprise, with the support of the Malta Council of Science and Technology (MCST), organised another research
INNOVA ha avuto il privilegio di avere come ospite d'eccezione il Prof. Philip Kotler, riconosciuto uno dei massimi
INNOVA promuove l’iniziativa PROSPEX START&GO TO USA a supporto di processi di internazionalizzazione di PMI del

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