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INVENT is a seed capital company located in Rome investing in entrepreneurs who are setting the world on fire. It is not enough to have good idea to be successful. Companies usually begin with little more than a dream: a concept, an idea, or an invention. However, while hope, inspiration, and some personal savings can be the promising seed for a startup, it often takes much more to grow a concept into a thriving company.  We aim to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and their high-tech projects into successful ventures.

To make this happen, with the consolidated expertise of INNOVA, one of the technology transfer leading companies in Europe, we work  to:

  • ensure capital financing
  • contribute to design growth strategies
  • provide expertise and qualification

We partner up with business incubators, both public and private entities, angel investors, venture capitalists and experts in the fields of business and technology to assist our members in nourishing their ideas and potential.

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