Montana Prize for Research on food awarded to a group of researchers from Lecce

Together with a group of researchers from the region of lecce in Southern Italy, Biotecgen Srl, a start-up company from the Innova group's seed capital company Invent, has received the prestigious Montana Prize for its research on the quality of food and health. The research consists of developing an analytical method to identify in real time the substances responsible for celiac disease.

For more information read the press release (in Italian) from Montana.

Light2Cat project selected success story for EU Media H2020 campaign

The Light2Cat EU-funded project in which Innova is a partner, has been selected as one of the success stories for the European media campaign for Horizon 2020, the new European funding instrument.

Light2Cat aims at developing innovative light-sensitive materials to be incorporated into cementious structures. With this technology, it will be possible to build public infrastructures and buildings capable to significantly reduce air pollution.

Read more on the EU-publication on Cordis and visit the light2cat project website.

Vintage Project making substantial progress: experimental innovative monitoring tools now installed in Burgundy region, January 2014

Innova Group’s engineering laboratory, Labor, is coordinating the ambitious EU-funded project called Vintage. The objective of this project is to offer to SME Associations the first integrated management solution supporting vine growers throughout the vineyard life cycle, from planting to harvesting, aiming at addressing quality and production variability issues by means of an advanced Decision Support System (DSS).

Read more ...

Roberto Musmanno, appointed new head of technology transfer and research at Unical

Innova S.p.A. that has a long-standing collaboration history with the University of Calabria on Research and Development projects warmly welcomes the news about the appointment Prof. Roberto Musmanno as the new head of "technology transfer and research". In an interview with the Calabria local Newspaper, Prof. Musmanno explains that the technology transfer and research Liaison office will be strengthened and become the research’s operational branch allowing for a more rational organization of the supply chain process of research, starting from basic research and reaching up to business assistance.

Read the full article (in Italian) "Il braccio esecutivo della ricerca" by Maria F. Fortunato, in Il Quotidiano della Calabria, 31 January 2014.

Italian banks and the Web, Cybion on Milano Finanza, 27 October 2012

Cybion, a company specialized in web intelligence and part of the INNOVA Group, has recently carried out a survey on the relationship between Italian banks and social media:
according to the survey, most institutions leave unconsidered virtual spaces. A few exceptions have been however revealed through an analysis carried out on behalf of MF-Milano Finanza Cybion in October 2012 monitoring the activities of the banks on each channel and their ability to create involvement.

Read the full article (in Italian) “Banche italiane e web: un rapport difficile”, by Francis Bisozzi, Saturday, October 27 issue of the newspaper Milano Finanza.

Combining technology innovation and social behaviour: this is the paradigm for “Innovation Diversity”, Aleardo Furlani on the EAI website, October 2012

Aleardo FURLANI, INNOVA’s CEO, on Innovation Diversity “Today, it is much more important to consider "how" to innovate, and not just "what" to innovate. Here is the importance of organisational and also social innovation: new business approaches, reshaped organisations, original business models, value constellation or networks of enterprises, but - mostly- attention to the informal (“weak”) ties linking the connected people”.

Read the full article on the European Alliance for Innovation website.

“Social Innovation: a new way to manage knowledge and communication” , Aleardo FURLANI on the NIUM platform, June 2012

The use of social networks and, more generally, of Web 2.0-based technologies represent an important frontier for medical research and medical treatment. Based on pioneering experiences and examples, such as those conducted by the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, benefits to be gained by managing prevention and healthcare treatment through information made available on social networks become  evident. This is the paradigm of Social Innovation: a new challenge to experiment also in the Italian healthcare system to generate new customized relational approaches between patient and care, remodeled healthcare organizations with improved communication services, greater attention to  quality, attention to prevention.

Read the full article (in Italian) entitled  “Social Innovation: un nuovo modo di gestire la conoscenza e la comunicazione”, by Aleardo Furlani, on the portal Rivista di innovazione tecnologica per lo sviluppo territoriale.

For a more competitive Italy, Philadelphia, June 2012

The announcement of the first italian spin-off concluded the convention promoted by the Investment Desk of the Italian Trade Commission in New York organised in collaboration with the Sbarro Health Research Organisation of the Temple University of Philadelphia.   

Aleardo FURLANI, INNOVA's CEO, illustrated the private and public investment opportunities in Italy and the possibility to transfer to the US Italian start-ups willing to expand and develop new market oppotunities.

Read the article "Per un'Italia più competitiva" (in Italian) on the america oggi journal, dated 14 June 2012, by Riccardo Chioni.

Mercogliano- Philadelphia axis for scientific research: U.S. & Italian Strategies for Turning Research into Business, training event, June 12-13, 2012, Philadelphia, USA

In collaboration with Innova Consulting Group, Inc. & Sbarro Health Research Organization, the Italian Trade Commission organized an international training seminar providing concrete tools and examples to support the commercialization of science research through start-up creation. The training session targeted science researchers with potential interest creating a spin-off in the Philadelphia area and/or Italy. 

A panel of high-level speakers covered a wide range of topics such as international research models, funding opportunities in Italy, local support measures and showcased successful international initiatives. 

Read the press release (in Italian) "Asse Mercogliano-Filadelfia per la ricerca scientifica" on the "Il Mattino", 12 June 2012.

Going one step further innovating without research, FILAS study findings on the SMEs from Lazio

In 2009, Filas, the Italian Financial Development Agency of the Lazio Region, carried out an important study on the innovation mechanisms of small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on the experience of those operating in the Lazio Region. The analysis aimed at understanding specifically the following aspects:

  • to which extent innovation within the SMEs of the Lazio Region derives from investments in scientific research carried out by the firms themselves or in collaboration with others;
  • the internal (corporate) and external (environment) conditions that trigger the process by which SMEs of the Lazio develop their innovative capacity;
  • alternative modes of scientific research that SMEs use to develop their innovative capacity, verifying its effectiveness compared to the international competitive dynamics;
  • what conditions could reinforce the commitment of SMEs in research in order to strengthen its innovation capacity.

The study produced useful knowledge for SMEs under investigation as well as for "policy makers".

One of the companies under study was the Innova Group.

Read the integral study here (in Italian).

Enea and ICT companies enter in the reality of the Innovativity workshops

The Technology Transfer unit of ENEA, the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, is organising three workshops on
“innovativity”, starting next November 2011 in Portici. The programme is dedicated to SMEs from the Campana region and aims at bringing companies closer to the world of innovation and technology transfer. The sectors to be covered are ICT, ecobuilding and biotech.

The General manager of Innova, Aleardo FURLANI, that will be carrying out expert training at the workshops on technology transfer and innovation, underlines that in competitive sectors such as ICT, it is crucial that high-tech SMEs bring their corporate culture a step further, improving their own technological capacity.

Read the entire article “Enea e imprese ICT, entra nel vivo l’officina dell’Innovatività” in the newspaper Il Denaro, edition of 19 November 2011 (in Italian).

Italian entrepreneurs at the top at the National Italian-American foundation (NIAF) gala in Washington

Aleardo Furlani, founder and General Manager of Innova S.p.A., participated to the 36th Anniversary NIAF gala in Washington on 29 October 2011. He highlighted that it is the first time that the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) sponsored a university spin-off in the Italian Mezzogiorno, in the field of tumor diagnosis, in collaboration with a large research center in the U.S. as the Sbarro Health Research Organization from Philadelphia, the Pascale Institute and with the Crom. The spin-off is a fruit of breakthrough technologies developed by Italian researchers in the United States.

Read the article “Usa, imprenditori italiani al top: Marcegaglia premiata dalla Niaf come “donna dell’anno”” published in the newspaper Il Mattino edition of 30th October 2011 (in Italian).

Convention "Fostering International Entrepreneurship & Innovation: U.S. & Italian, Strategies for Turning Academic Research into Business".

In October 2011, the Italian Trade Commission Investments’ Desk in New York organised a convention on "Fostering International Entrepreneurship & Innovation: U.S. & Italian, Strategies for Turning Academic Research into Business"aimed at promoting, through public intervention, technology cooperation between the U.S. and Italy.

Presentations and open discussions gave interesting insights on regulatory instruments and incentives for the commercialization of university research and the creation of start-ups and spin-offs, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience from the best practices identified in the United States - specifically Boston - and in Italy.

Aleardo Furlani, CEO of Innova SpA has presented opportunities for public and private funding in Italy, also providing an example of an Italian Seed Capital Fund.

Read the full web press release (in Italian) entitled “Nel segno della tecnologia” on “America oggi”, the Italian language daily Newspaper published in the USA.

Collaboration between Italian and Canadian Research Centers and Universities

Innova participated to the seminar on “Knowledge in motion - cooperation between Canadian and Italian Universities”, organized by the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa. The seminar brought together the prestigious University of Ottawa and the CRUI-Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities, alongside many representatives of the Italian industrial and research sectors.

This initiative has been an occasion for a profitable exchange of opinions and outlooks on research collaboration between Canadian and Italian universities focusing on technology transfer and industrial cooperation opportunities.

Read the article on the Corriere Canadese (in Italian) and on the Tandem (in English), 6-9 October 2011. 

EMSO project breaking new ground in monitoring and observing the ocean, deepening knowledge on our evolving planet

Furthering our knowledge of the ocean is a major challenge facing scientists. Dr paolo Favali, project ccordinator of the EMSO project (European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observatory) with whom Innova closely collaborates,  explains how the project will improve our understanding of global changes, marine ecosystems, natural hazards and risks.

An article has been dedicated to the findings in the International Innovation magazine, June 2011. Read the entire article here (page 1-2-3),

National relevance for recent product development realized by INNOVa's Research Laboratory, Labor srl

INNOVA's Research Laboratory, LABOR srl, has developped a new technology that contributes to filter allegic particules: a breakthrough for pollen allegic patients.

Read more on the nasal pollen filter on the online news article (in italian) published in one of the  major italian newspapers, il Corriere della Sera. 

Spin-off companies for 30 newly-gratuated economits and scientic engineers

INNOVA S.p.A. and INVENT S.p.A. collaborate, together with 7 other selected companies, in the "Job, Excellence e Link",  Joel,  project The aim of this innovative project addressed to young gratuates, is to transfer know-how from the world of research and to experiment entrepreneurial ideas, innovative tecnologies and knowledge transfer and ultimately to assist them in establishing 4 spin-off companies.

Read more in the article "Imprese spin-off per 30 neolaureati", 24 ORE SUD, 9 march 2011 (in italian)

Successful research investments in the Puglia Region

INNOVA’s French seed capital company, INVENT, has been contributing to the success of Biotecgen, one of INVENT’s  start-up companies  in the biotechnology field. Il Sole 24 Ore, the principal business newspaper in Italy has published an article dedicated to the investment increase for research in the Puglia Region and refers to an important project, Optileg, that Biotecgen has developed in collaboration with the national research centre (CNR) and Coselab (research laboratory). 

For more information read the article (in Italian) “Cresce la spesa per la ricerca”, by Maria Luisa Mastrogiovanni, published in the Sole 24 Ore, 23 February 2011.

Innovative technology for crisis alert

In a crisis condition and mainly in the case of terrorist attack, ordinary communication networks can go out of service and/or can be overloaded resulting is unsuccessful communication channels to alert the concerned population. 

The Proximity Emergency Network for Common European Communication project, "PenforCec", within which T-Connect (Italy) collaborates, was created to develop the concept of a proximity network, able overcome the limits of traditional communication technologies and render information broadcasting more dynamic and contextual.

Read more in the articles published in:

See the demo on You tube

More on the PenforCec project can be found on the project website.


A new business incubator for the Calabria Region

The University of Calabria inaugurated on November 30th, 2010 the new business incubator "TechNest", located within the University’s Technology park and that will house up to 20 high-tech start-up companies.

The Incubator TechNest was set up as a result of the C.R.E.S.C.I.T.A. project, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development. The project, in which INNOVA was an active partner, was aimed at promoting the social and economic development of the Calabria Region by selecting new entrepreneurial ideas and high-tech innovative companies in phase of start-up or newly constituted and provide them with technical, economic and financial assistance. Together with the project partners, INNOVA strongly contributed to reach the projects' goals of which one of the most important was the setting up of the incubator.

An article "Un Incubatore per la Calabria" (in Italian) was dedicated to the Incubator, published in the Sole 24 Ore, 30-11-2010.

OPT-Sensor, Spin-off company from the University La Sapienza, among Italian representatives of the University in mission to Chengdu (China)

The University La Sapienza and the University of Trento headed the mission to Chengdu (China) in October 2010. This initiative originated from SIMEST, an important support company for the development and the promotion of Italian companies abroad, that launched a start-up fund to sustain innovative technology projects from Italian Universities in China. OPT-Sensor, a spin-off company from the University La Sapienza and participated by INNOVA’s seed-capital company, INVENT SaS, was among the spin-offs represented in China. OPT-Sensor is specialized in the development of new generation optical sensors and monitoring devices in the fields of health, pharmacy and industrial automation.  

Read the article (in Italian) “Aiuti Simest agli atenei in Cina”, published in the Sole 24 Ore, 24 October 2010.  

Research, an agreement between Italian and Canadian Universities

INNOVA, participated, alongside many representatives of the Italian industrial and research sectors, to this initiative, organized by the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa. It  allowed for a profitable exchange of opinions and outlooks on research and the aerospace industry, thanks to the collaboration with two prestigious Canadian Universities, Carleton and McGill, the support of Alenia Aeronautica and the involvement of entrepreneurs, researchers, universities and representatives of the institutional world.

The goal of the Round Table  was to highlight Italian areas of excellence in the sciences and to increase awareness of the Italian scientific community, to promote the development of scientific and industrial innovation internationally and further enhance bilateral cooperation between Italian and Canadian research centers, universities and firms.

Read the article published in the Corriere Canadese, "Ricerca, accordo tra le università italiane e canadesi", 6 october 2010 (in Italian).

MediaPharma, an INVENT start-up success story

INNOVA’s French seed capital company, INVENT, has been contributing to the success of Media Pharma, one of INVENT’s most promising start-ups. After being the subject of a TV coverage  il Sole 24 Ore, the principal business newspaper in Italy has dedicated an article on MediaPharma’s activities and success story.

Although Media Pharma is a young spin-off created  in April 2009, it already has acquired extensive scientific and national research attention  in the biopharmaceutical field specializing in developing innovative therapies for cancer treatment. The company focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases with unmet medical need and collaborates with reputed research institutions such as the Max Planck Institute in Martinsried (Germany) and the University of Pittsburgh (USA).

Read the article in the official webpage of the newspaper.

Best practices and opportunities for cooperation in the agro-food industry: the experience of Puglia, May 2010

On 13 and 14 May 2010, the Apulian partners of the European project RAF REGIONS hosted a delegation from the Bulgarian region with the aim to share and transfer best practices and organizational models to support innovation, research and technology transfer in the field of agro-food business.

The Bulgarian delegation was composed of the Governor of the District of Pazardzhik, researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Plovdiv and the Research Institute of Food Canning (Canning Research Institute), the representative of an industry of dairy products and responsible for international relations of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad.

Read more on the article published on the online Fresh Plaza magazine (in italian), a dedicated website for the italian agro-food industry.

Nanotechnologies from the laboratory to the industry

The polytechnic institute of Torino has recently created Latenar, a laboratory for miniaturized electro-biochemistry. Dr.Lorenzo dall'Acqua, a new Innova regional Partner for the Piemont Region, illustrates how Latemar gathers and coordinates organisations committed to develop micro and nano systems for biological applications and fosters the integration of research results into the industrial world in his article published in the Technology Review magazine, italian edition, 6/2009.  



MBS' innovative diagnostic devise, a revolution for food safety

Quality testing and microbiological control issues are essential to secure high quality and safe foods.

MBS, a start-up company from INNOVA’s seed-capital company INVENT has been conducting extensive research on innovative diagnostic devises for food, air and water safety and has produced an analytical kit utilizing disposable, ready-to-use reaction vials for fast microbiological analyses of food and water samples.

The MBS findings and analysis method are an important  breakthrough for the selective survey and the counting of microorganisms in food.

Read the paper “Il metodo di analisi Micro Biological Survey (MBS) per la rilevazione selettiva e la conta di microorganism negli alimenti”, in the scientific Review Biologi Italiani, April 2009 (in italian)

Lazio Region in front line at the Shangai World Expo

Among the 265 italian projects of technology innovation selected for the Shangai World Expo 2010, 40 are from the Lazio Region.

Among the 40 projects of the Lazio Region, the flexible ecological multipurpose advanced generator, integrated in the car of the future has been selected to participate in the Italian pavilion “Italy of Inventors”, imagined as a container of the excellence of our country. The innovation has been developed by LABOR Srl, the applied research and engineering laboratory of the INNOVA Group.

Read more in the article (in Italian)  "Lazio in prima fila a Shangai", published in Il Sole 24 Ore, 28 April 2010, editorial from Mila Fiodalisi.

Organic Spintronics an INNOVA spin-off Success Story

Organic Sprintronics, a spin-off developped by the italian national research council (CNR)and supported by the INNOVA Group has been ranked among the 45 best spin-offs from the CNR.

Organic Spintronics, created in 2003 from the invention of Prof. Carlo Taliani, one of the major experts in spintronics, has encountered an extraordinary success on the market. The company has developped innovative products in the field of coating films essentially destinated to cover photovoltaic pannels and is continuing its exponential growth. In 2009, the company was moreover awarded with an important contribution from the Innovation Fund from Tuscany.

Read more on the  Il Sole 24 Ore, "Quando spin-off conquista il mercato" and "Organic Spintronics centra il business dei film sottili", articles written by Flavia Landolfi, 19-24 April 2010.

Innovation support in times of crisis

Conventional wisdom suggests that the current global financial crisis that started to unfold in the US around 2006,  will have a negative impact on R&D and innovation. From a “creative destruction” perspective, it could, however, have positive effects . Shift from traditional supply-side policies to demand-side innovation policies and take advantage of the opportunity created by the current crisis to spend up important reforms needed in Europe.

Read the chapter on Innovation support in times of economic crisis in the Inno-Learning platform annual report 2008-2009 “Working towards more effective innovation support in Europe” to which Innova strongly contributed.

10 years of collaboration with the Italian Research Center in fostering concrete business ideas

Italy has a long tradition of high level research and a strong culture of creating new business ideas. This is further demonstrated by the launch of over 100 spin-offs and business ideas in the past 10 years that have florished thanks to the committment of the Italian National Research Centre, the CNR, the largest public research entity in Itlay.

The INNOVA Group has a long standing collaboration with the CNR, and has in particular supported the national research council in the development of 4 spin-offs in the fields of medical diagnosis, biotechnologies & nanotechnologies: Organic Sprintronics, LITECH, DAIMAR and SCRIBA.

For more information on the CNR activity read the article "Nuove imprese dalla ricerca" published on the  24 march 2010 in "Il Sole 24 Ore". 

SMEs from Friuli Venezia Giulia region join together to produce and commercialize innovative led-based lighting systems

Seven companies located in the Italian region of Friulia Venezia Giulia joined together to design, produce and commercialize innovative led based lighting systems: the companies cover the whole value chain (from the conceptualization to the production and the selling) thanks to complementary competencies and resources. This new business and organizational model was also proposed by CAMPUS, consulting company controlled by INNOVA,  at the end of a study commissioned by Agemont (the local agency for the Economic Development of the Mountain Region) and Area Science Park (the main Italian technological and scientific park): in fact, CAMPUS highlighted that the only way for local SMEs operating in the optics & plastic sector to sustain the global competition was the aggregation of several companies with different skills and capabilities along the value chain and the tight cooperation with specialized local research centers.

Read more on the  extract from il Messagero Veneto (in italian)

ImMediaTe Project, a support service for improving companies' digital media biz

INNOVA has joined forces with key European film-TV clusters and digital media players to launch the ImMediate initiative, a support service for improving companies' digital media business. Within this project, companies will be coached and trained on how to develop a digital biz and investors will be courted and tutored on digital biz financing.

Read more in the article "Digital media venture bows", by John Hopewell, published in, Berlin, February 14, 2010

Research in Italy, Land of Hidden Gems report released, New York, February, 2, 2010

Research in Italy Land of Hidden Gems, a report prepared by the Italian Trade Commission in New York and INNOVA’s company in the US (Innova Consulting Group), offers an overview of the Italian R&D landscape, with a particular focus on early stage ventures.

The Italian Trade Commission (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) can be contacted for any questions about the report or if you wish to get in touch with a representative from any of the entities mentioned in it.

An expanded Second Edition of this report, to be released in March, will contain even further information, such as tax and legal issues faced by VCs in Italy.

Read the complete article

TrendChart Country report 2009 released for Italy

As the national correspondent in TrendChart, INNOVA SpA has finalized the annual INNO-Policy TrendChart-Policy Trends and Appraisal Report for Italy for 2009. This report tracks innovation policy developments on a regional and national level, highlighting and analysing the most recent objectives, trends and governance system in Italy. The concordance with the Lisbon National reform Program are also appraised.

Please visit the TrendChart website for more detailed information: fuseaction=page.display&topicID=263&parentID=52.

 Read the TrendChart report 2009

Training and assistance program to tunisian SMEs in the ICT field

The ICT sector in Tunisia is rapidly evolving and has created a hub of high level competences. Technological and commercial cooperation opportunities with Tunisia is ever growing. The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, in collaboration with  Innova, has organised a seminar on December 15th 2009 on the topic and a new programme to assist and accompany innovative tunisian companies in their development and search for italian partners was launhed.  The tunisien daily "Le renouveau" dedicated an article "Un programme italien d'assistance aux PME tunisiennes dans le secteur des TIC"on the event in the December 16th, 2009 issue .   

Read the article (in french)

Examination of dedicated relationships between automotive suppliers and carmakers: Evidence on the flagship/5 Partners Model

Bart KAMP, Innovation Policy expert and senior project Manager at INNOVA EUROPE is author of the Chapter on "Examination of dedicated relationships between automotive suppliers and carmakers: Evidence on the flagship/5 Partners Model"  recently published in "Outsourcing Teamwork and Business Management", Editor: Karl E. Carettas. 

 Read the Chapter

INNOVA’s tailor-made methodology developed in the publication “Benchmarking: The search for Innovation Relay Centers’ effective marketing practices” has been referenced in the article “The five I's to innovate” by Gabriela Couto, Director of Marketplaza

Published in the Spanish INCAE Business Review “Innovación”, Volumen 1/Número 9/Septiembre-Dicembre 2009

 Read the article (in Spanish)

INNOVA, Seven spin-offs managed through successful partnerships with Italian Universities

Published in the Italian Newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore Roma”, Article “Sette spin-off gestiti con atenei”, July 15, 2009

 Read the article (in Italian)

INNOVA acquires 10% of the Spanish company Ingeniería e Innovación based in La Rioja creating new market opportunities

Published in the Spanish Newspaper “La Rioja”, July 05, 2009

 Read the article (in Spanish)

The department of material sciences and chemical engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin at the forefront of applied nanotechnologies

The Polytechnic of Turin features a consolidated experience  in a range of applications of nanotechnologies in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, robotics and energy production & storage and pays special attention to the valorization of research results.

Three new spin-offs were created inside the Polytechnic: Microla Optoelectronics, Politronica Inkjet Printing and Nanosynthex. This experience has enabled the polytechnic to set up LATEMAR, a laboratory for miniaturized electrobiochemical technologies.

An article was dedicated to the findings of the Polytechnic by Lorenzo Dall'Acqua, responsible of INNOVA's offices in Turin.

Read the article publiched in the Technology Review 6/2009 (in Italian). 

Research as a driver of growth

109 partners have merged  in a center of competence in the Calabria region, bringing together the research world to promote a project of 4,5 Million Euros on technology transfer, driving economic growth and innovation from the research side.

Read the article published in Il Quotidiano, 29 may 2010, "La crescita? Parte dalla ricerca", by Andrea Gualiteri (in Italian). 


In the March 2009 edition of the European Commission’s magazine Research FOCUS entitled “A competitive Europe: Research regionally, develop globally”, three of INNOVA’s projects have been selected as Success Stories of the Regions of Knowledge and Food Cluster initiatives:

  • NovaRegio Project: Innovative network for coordinated actions on RTD policies at regional level;
  • StarNet-Regio Project: STARing a transnational network of regional research-driven marine clusters;
  • RAF-Regions Project: Bringing research benefits to agrofood SMEs in Pazardzhik, Central Macedonia and Puglia.

Read the article 

“Organisational Innovation: The missing link to improve business competitiveness” article published in the “Innovation Briefing” of the APEC SME Innovation Center

The present article has been written by Aleardo Furlani, CEO of INNOVA SpA and Rebeca Lucas, Senior Policy Analyst of INNOVA SpA ,Rome, Italy  for publication in the “Innovation Briefing” of APEC SME Innovation Centre in December 2008:

In today's new economy characterised by continuous economic, technological and social change, the key word to survive is competitiveness, and competitiveness can no longer be achieved by technological innovation alone. The purpose of the present article is to identify the new trends and emerging facts which show how important non-technological innovation is. Non-technological innovation is a pervasive concept that includes any change to the business approach to the market, the way companies satisfy the market needs as well as the organisational changes dealing with the continuous transformation of the context where companies operate...

The full article can be read in the following link.

TrendChart- Italy Report for 2008

As the national correspondent in TrendChart, INNOVA SpA has finalized the annual INNO-Policy TrendChart-Policy Trends and Appraisal Report for Italy for 2008. This report tracks innovation policy developments on a regional and national level, highlighting and analysing the most recent objectives, trends and governance system in Italy. The concordance with the Lisbon National reform Program are also appraised. Please visit the TrendChart website for more detailed information: fuseaction=page.display&topicID=263&parentID=52.

 Read the TrendChart report 2008

BEinGRID presents grid Solutions for Business

Business Experiments in GRID presenting a series of cutting edge solutions, designed around the end user to solve real business challenges through the application of grid technologies in Barcelona, June 3, 2008 on Industry Days. BEINGRID Press Release, June 2008.

Read the Press Release 

The MAP-IT project is largely contributing to attract major ICT players in the Mediterranean countries

The presence of large scale projects financed by international organizations, such as the World Bank and the EU through the Map-it project is attracting in the Mediterranean areas major international ICT players and is also contributing at the same time to the growth of the local economic context of ICT companies that are building a common identity through the creation in each country of dedicated associations which are in turn backed by a federal supra-national organization, the “Union of Arabic ICT Association”.

Read more in the article "Sponda Sud informatica", Le Idee, Nòva, 01-05-2008

INNOVA's CEO among Italy's most innovative entrepreneurs

According to an expert pannel from the Corriere della Sera - Corriere Economia, Aleardo FURLANI, INNOVA's CEO, has been quoted among the 109 most innovative entrepreneurs in Italy. Italian entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the European innovative drive and demonstrate a strong propensity towards internationalisation.

Read more on the following links to the article published in the Corriere della Sear on March 12, 2007- Comments from Marco Vitale : Core article + Comments

Small and Medium Sized Entreprises get the lion's share of the EU funds for the Seventh Framework Programme

The budget for the Seventh Framework Programme is over 50 billion Euro, much higher than the previous programme. The administrative procedures have been simplified (electronic proposal submission and company registration online) and the number of participationg countries enlarged. Ten thematic areas that will be financed and 30 technology platforms  have been defined by the EU. A large scope of new opportunuities to finance projetcs.

The Italian companies should however not participate in the programme with the sole aim of recieving funds explains Aleardo Furlani, CEO of INNOVA SpA. Companies shoud be driven by the desire to develop a good idea and to create collaborations with other companies and universities as well as construct competences to monitor calls and maintain relationships with other private and public companies.

Read the article "Ecco i fondi per le pmi" on Il Sole 24 Ore, 15 February 2007 (in Italian)

INNOVA, the first company in the Tiburtino Technology Park

A positive assessment of the Tiburtino Technology Park in Rome 3 years after its inauguration says the General manager of the Technology Parc, Mr. Franco Calvani. The number of specialized companies are in constant progress, contributing significantly to the increase of the number of new jobs in the region and in line with what was expected. "Il Tecnopolo rilancia l'occupazione", Damiana Verucci, Economia Regionale (Tempo & Denaro), 12 January, 2007.

INNOVA was proudly one of the first companies to settle in the park and has ever since greatly profited from an increased visibility and synergies with other inserted companies creating a favourable environment for new collaborations. "Il futuro passa dalla Capitale", Damiana Verucci, Economia Regionale (Tempo & Denaro), 12 January, 2007.

Read the entire articles (in Italian)

Community funds: Small and medium Sized Industies assault the 4th Framework Programme

Italy does not rank at the top of the countries carrying out research. Many reasons are possible: lack of culture and lack of sufficient and efficient financial and fiscal tools to support investments, incapacity for companies to work in collaboration with each other and with universities.

However, Italy presents also some very positive examples. Italy is at  the forefront of the International Network of SMEs (INSME), the international network of SMES that aims at promoting technology transfer from University to Industry. Another example is the 5th and 6th FP that was launced by the EU to sustain research. Aleardo Furlani, CEO of INNOVA spA, notes that italian companies have been able to pick up some interesting opportunities. The number of projects coordinated by italian partners reached 332 on a total of 891 with a participation of 30% of SMEs. In FP6, Italian companies are on the front line.

Read the article published in Il Sole 24 Ore on 01 march 2005 (in Italian)


Business Management? Project the future

INNOVA S.p.A., created in 1993, provides efficient technical and industrial solutions to  companies. Aleardo Furlani, INNOVA's CEO explains that the success of the company relies on a large majority on skilled employees graduated in economy and engineering with a strong and sound passion for technology. However, it is essential for them to be proficient in english and to have strong networking skills. Aleardo Furlani adds "Set up one own's business can be very gratifying but also involves a lot of hard work and no one can just improvise himself as manager!".

Read the entire article published in Lavorare on 2 August 2004 (in Italian)

Italy on the frontiers of Spintronics

Spin electronics or spintronics is one of the most promissing of research. Spintronics enables to produce electronic devices that result more efficient, smaller and more economical in terms of consumption.

In order to construct the first products based on spintronics, the first step is to resolve the problems related to the development of nano-production. This is how the company Organic Spintronics was born as a spin-off of the italian Research Center (CNR). The company is detained at 66% by its chairman, Carlo Taliani, researcher at the CNR, at 24% by the CNR itself and the remaining 10% by INNOVA S.p.A.

The Italian daily Sole 24 Ore has dedicated an article on the subjet on the January 31st, 2004  issue entitled "In Italia si lavora sulla frontiera della "spintronica"".

Read the article (in Italian)

Smart Dust: New opportunities for venture capital

From the USA: a new system of microscopic sensors that transmit information on the environment where they are dispersed. Research on the "Smart dust" are also financed by the Pentagon. Aleardo Furlani, CEO of INNOVA exlplains how this innovation can constitute a new opportunity for Venture capital in The Independant Review n° 4 Novembre/Dicembre 2003.

 Read the article (in Italian)

Consultancy companies prepare for future changes in the access to EU and national funds

Finding one's way through the complex procedures to access national and European funds is often not an easy task for small and medium sized companies. Efficient technical and administrative guidance is therefore becoming an essential tool for success. INNOVA providing such services managing around 30% of all Italian Craft projects, explains its CEO Aleardo Furlani in The Sole 24 Ore "Il consulente si prepara al salto oltrefrontiera", 4 September 2003.

Read the article (in Italian)

Introducion to the business model as a tool for business organisation and planning

Business models are important tools for business organization and planning, and are necessary not only to optimize the marketing strategies of individual firms but also to achieve co-operation between groups in entreprises.

Aleardo Furlani, CEO of INNOVA and Giulio Ravizza, CEO of Campus Consulting, share their views on the subject in the article entitled "SME Best Practice Business Model in OMI", published in the "Technologies for the Information Society: Developments and opportunities" Journal, edited by J-Y Roger et a. (Eds.) IOS Press, 1998.

Read the entire article (in English).


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