“Social Innovation: a new way to manage knowledge and communication” , Aleardo FURLANI on the NIUM platform, June 2012

The use of social networks and, more generally, of Web 2.0-based technologies represent an important frontier for medical research and medical treatment. Based on pioneering experiences and examples, such as those conducted by the British Columbia Center for Disease Control, benefits to be gained by managing prevention and healthcare treatment through information made available on social networks become  evident. This is the paradigm of Social Innovation: a new challenge to experiment also in the Italian healthcare system to generate new customized relational approaches between patient and care, remodeled healthcare organizations with improved communication services, greater attention to  quality, attention to prevention.

Read the full article (in Italian) entitled  “Social Innovation: un nuovo modo di gestire la conoscenza e la comunicazione”, by Aleardo Furlani, on the portal Rivista di innovazione tecnologica per lo sviluppo territoriale.

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