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We are constantly expanding our activities and searching for new multilingual and skilled talents that share our passion for innovation. If you are passionate about innovation and technology, willing to join a young and creative team, motivated  by a multicultural and multilingual environment, interested in contributing to European and international projects, multilingual and interested in short term or long term missions within our Technical Assistance assignements abroad. Then we may just be waiting to hear from you!



Le posizioni aperte sono: gestione dell'IP e dell'innovazione tecnologica

INNOVA ricerca  una risorsa con comprovata esperienza in gestione della IP e dell'innovazione tecnologica in ambito aziendale o universitario sia  per lo sviluppo di proposte progettuali  che per l'implementazione di progetti e commesse tecnologiche . 

Le attività lavorative:

  1. Ricerca di anteriorità e stato dell'arte tecnologico
  2. Protezione e valorizzazione della Proprietà Intellettuale 
  3. Studi di mercato 
  4. Esperienza di gestione di clienti chiave

Sede di lavoro: Roma 

Competenze richieste:

  • Laurea in ambito economico-giuridico ovvero tecnologico
  • Tre anni di esperienza lavorativa pregressa
  • Ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese (C1)
  • Dimostrate competenze in ambito digitale (capacitä di analizzare ed interpretare dati)

Altre competenze che costituiscono titoli preferenziali :

  1. Dottorato di ricerca in ambito scientifico 
  2. Conoscenza di altre lingue oltre all'inglese
  3. Esperienza nel campo della contrattualistica

Si offre un contratto a tempo determinato di durata triennale ed un salario competitivo ovvero contratto di consulenza professionale.

Contact: Antonella Vulcano: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web/Mobile App Developer

Our group is looking for graduates with proven experience in the development of Web and mobile ICT applications for our offices in Rome and Cosenza.

We offer the possibility of a placement in a highly dynamic environment in the context of various Research and Development projects at National and International level in the Healthcare and Smart Manufacturing fields, with the possibility of increasing your experience on technologies related to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Knowledge of these technologies, and their possible application in the aforementioned domains, is not a pre-requisite but a plus. Instead, it is required the knowledge of programming and use of some of the technologies listed below. The proposed salary will be adjusted to the actual level of knowledge of these technologies and past experiences.

Basic experiences

Linguaggi / Programming Languages

- Object Oriented Programming

- Server-side programming in java, java EE, java Servlet

- Web technologies: HTML/CSS, Ajax, JSON, Javascript

- Service oriented programming: Web services / API programming (e.g. REST Services) / Microservices Databases

- Relational DBs (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) - NoSQL Das (e.g. MongoDB, Elasticsearch) Environments

- Application/Web server environments (e.g. Apache Tomcat, JBoss)

- Use and development in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) / Azure / IBM Watson / Google Cloud Platform

- Use and development in big data/IoT environments (e.g. Apache Spark, Kafka) Mobile Development of Android solutions Development of iOS solutions Development of hybrid solutions (e.g. REACT Native, IONIC)

Advanced experiences (plus)

IoT: Experience (development or management) of applications that interact with remote devices (sensors / actuators), accessible via the Internet and / or local networks (e.g. bluetooth)

AI e Machine Learning:

Knowledge of Semantic Web and Semantic Reasoning technologies

Development of Machine Learning applications with Java or Python libraries (of particular relevance if applied to the healthcare and / or smart manufacturing field)

NLP (in particular chatbot applications)


To apply for this position, please contact: Alessio Gugliotta - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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