Innovation Policy Studies

We have gained a significant experience in the field of studies and development of regional innovation strategies, proposing original and innovative approaches to:

  • Design strategies and innovation policies backing regional economy;
  • Analyse and produce studies on innovation systems in order to draw up best practices and study their transfer potential;
  • Carry out activities of technical coordination and methodology development for the analysis and transfer of know-how and best practices;
  • Produce documentation and handbooks providing guidelines for best practices: please visit the publications’ section of our website;
  • Create benchmarking models and suggest strategic operational and structural procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness for European Networks (e.g. the Innovation Relay Centres Network). In this context, INNOVA has developed an in-house Benchmarking Consulting Practice, based on the IVEM (which stands for Identification, Validation, Engineering and Monitoring) Benchmarking Cycle;
  • Assess the sustainability of technologies (i.e. their impact on the company and on society) and cover the development of sustainability parameters, models for technology impact evaluation on the social, economic and environmental fabric inside and outside a company taking into consideration that, more and more, competitive companies must take into consideration the interdependence between the development of innovative technologies and its new social responsibility.
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