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Bridging the gap between Research and Industry through Technology Transfer and Exploitation was the idea at the origin of the creation of INNOVA in 1993.

INNOVA was created in Rome (Italy) as a private company by a highly motivated team of co-founders who made INNOVA one of the leading private European groups in innovation technology consultancy.

INNOVA is the holding company of the INNOVA GROUP and operates in a market niche in highly competitive and fast moving sectors where growth and success strongly depend on technological innovations.

INNOVA has its main offices in Rome (Italy) at Tecnopolo Tiburtino, the technology park in Rome promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Rome with the support of public agencies and major corporations acting as a facilitator and services provider for hosted enterprises, constituting a real reference for high performance businesses.
These operative premises comprise offices as well as laboratories and an incubator, creating an innovative and stimulating working environment.


  • Main activities are managed in Italy: INNOVA s.r.l.; LABOR s.r.l., the Applied research and Engineering Laboratory; CYBION s.r.l., intelligent search SW Company, CAMPUS CONSULTING s.r.l., specialist in Organisational Innovation and Strategy and IT specialist in quality, environment & security management systems and INVENT s.r.l., the seed capital fund; 
  • in Belgium (INNOVA EUROPE S.à.r.l., specialist in Innovation consulting);
  • in England (INAVYA);
  • in Poland (TECHIN Sp. Zo.o);
  • in the US (the Boston-based ICG Inc.).

The INNOVA Group integrates 3 strong competence areas:

  1. Specialised management & innovation consulting and technology transfer and valorisation
  2. Seed capital support
  3. Applied research lab facilities


Why Choose Us

Our Strengths

tgw1Over the past 20 years, we have built strong relationships with client companies, local and international agencies and institutions. Today, the company has gained a consolidated international recognition.

INNOVA’s success lies on a largely diversified business experience featuring constant growth and profitability for our client companies since their start-up

We offer a unique out-sourcing support: from the analysis of an innovative idea to its launch and business consolidation on the market

The business reliability towards our customers, suppliers and employees is constantly enhanced

The informal and creative human environment in which we operate constitutes a seed-bed for new innovative ideas and related strategy thinking

The staff at your service is highly qualified, experienced, multilingual and multicultural able to meet your specific needs around the world

The INNOVA technology Transfer & Valorisation Trade Mark was registered at European level on the 20th November 2006 by the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) under registration number: 002835726. The Community trade mark covers a market of more than 350 million consumers who enjoy some of the highest living standards in the world. It is the ideal instrument to meet the challenges of this market and constitutes a key element of our company policy.


“We strongly believe that increasing a company’s efficiency and competitive advantage relies on its capacity of constant change through adaptation and innovation. Acquiring and exploiting innovation in the economic and industrial sphere means that companies must be able to face change and integrate this change within their existing production, management and distribution system”.

Integrating innovation in a company implicates technical and organisational complexity. We assist companies to achieve this goal by proposing new approaches to foster creativity, production & sharing of knowledge and strategic flexibility.
Most of all, our mission is to encourage the exchange and collaboration between the company and the world of research offering universities and important European Centers our support to transfer know-how and research results translating them into new business opportunities for European industries and economic development. In the business-research duo, INNOVA acts as a bridge, fostering collaboration and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

As a leader in Italy in Innovation Consulting, we have been accompanying small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to acquire new technologies and research institutes to develop systems and applications in response to the industrial demand for over 20 years.


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