International Branches

Meeting your needs around the world, we have expanded our international network to over 5 countries.

Our headquarters and operational offices are situated in Rome (Italy). Today as a leader in Italy in the field of innovation consulting, we have consolidated our presence in the country through 5 further branches located in Udine, Cosenza, Sicily, Aosta and Lecce.

In Italy the INNOVA GROUP operates through:

  • INNOVA: specialized in technology transfer and valorisation
  • LABOR: the applied research and engineering laboratory
  • INVENT: the seed capital fund company
  • CYBION: an intelligent search SW company
  • CAMPUS CONSULTING : specialized in organisational innovation and strategy with a unit specialized in IT solutions for quality, environment & security management systems

The INNOVA GROUP is also specialized in innovation consulting, in Poland with TECHIN Sp.Zo.o, in SPAIN with INGENIERÍA e INNOVACIÓN, in England with Innova Technology Transfer and Valorisation Ltd. and in the USA with the Boston-based ICG Inc.

The seed capital company INVENT owns participation in 11 high-tech start-ups operating in the fields of Biotechnologies, Information Technologies, Digital Media, Renewable Energies and Material Development (BIOTECHGEN, EUROVIRON, EXPLORA, Family World, Janus Pharma, MBS, MBS Diagnostics, MEDIAPharma, Nanoshare, Novapp, PharmaMab).

INNOVA CONSULTING GROUP (ICG Inc.), INNOVA’s branch in the US, is strategically located in Boston, MA. The location in Boston allows ICG to effectively cooperate with its partners in Italy and the rest of Europe, and also, as the neighbour of prestigious universities, such as MIT and Harvard, it enables the Group to participate in an international, technological hub of the world.

ICG specialises in promoting technology transfer and business development between Europe and the USA, by operating as a business accelerator consultant and supporting technology innovation through the creation of new US-EU partnerships.

You will find further information on our companies under Contact us.

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