Each customer has its own unique requirements and challenges. We have been dedicated to deliver results and advice to businesses, institutional partners and agencies around the world meeting their specific needs, budget, style and expectations.

We have developed tailored tools, methodologies and best-practices based on years of experience in a continued quest to innovate and make our customers grow.

INNOVA has provided consultancy services to:

  • Highly-qualified international companies:
    PHILIPS, ST microelectronics, Aventis, DSM, ELF Atochem, Natuzzi Industries, Aprilia, Renault, Messo, Merloni, Derby, TNT, Alenia, Intrasoft, Tecnoform, Gruppo Miroglio, Zhen Youan Group, Polo Ceramico Faenza, Distretto Sedia Manzano, D.A.R.E., WIND, Telecom Italia, TRE, Telefonica
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industrial Associations:
    Paris Chamber of Commerce, Promoroma, API Vicenza, Federlazio, Federchimica, API Modena.
  • Leading Research Centres and universities:
    Università “La Sapienza”, Università “Roma Tre”, Università “Tor Vergata”, Università di Ferrara, Università di Napoli,Università di Lecce, Università di Perugia, Università di Udine, Università di Bologna, Università della Calabria, Yissum University, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, CIRA, JRC, CSM, TNO, ENEA, CNR, SINTEF, IFREMER, Area di Ricerca di Trieste, BIC La Fucina.

INNOVA acts as technical advisor to:

  • Institutional partners
    European Commission (EC), European Investment Bank (EIB), Instituto per la Promozione Industriale (IPI), European Space Agency (ESA), Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Instituto per il Commercio Estero (ICE)
  • Innovation development Agencies: Agenzia Sviluppo Trento, FILAS, Umbria Innovazione, ADER La Rioja, Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias

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