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LABOR is a private laboratory that provides services aiming at development of new product or innovative services tailored on the customer needs. Our teams of marketing, research and development, analyse the innovation technology requests from the customer focusing on the entrepreneur point of view with the awareness that to develop a new success product for the market means also to integrate both consolidate and cutting edge technologies.

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Due to synergies from over 10 years with European Universities and Research Centres, we are able to detect technologies ready to be transformed in industrial applications among both those already available and those in development phase, we also lead all activities that need for experimentation and engineering.

Our skills are multidisciplinary, from electronics to automation and control, to mechanical design and chemical processes. These competencies are mainly applied to sectors of bio-medical, energetic systems, bioengineering and environmental technologies. LABOR stands as technological partner for both big and small-sized companies, driving the whole development process through each phase, from the marketing concept to the product industrialisation.

Our research and design competencies are integrated with consolidated capacities in project financing and project management, that allow us to put the customer in terms of exploiting the available funding opportunities at regional, national and especially European level.


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