Nanotechnological toolkit for multi-modal disease diagnostics and treatment monitoring

NAMDIATREAM will develop a cutting edge nanotechnology-based toolkit for multi-modal detection of biomarkers of most common cancer types and cancer metastases, permitting identification of cells indicative of early disease onset in a high-specificity and throughput format in clinical, laboratory and point-of-care devices. The project is built on the innovative concepts of super-sensitive and highly specific “lab-on-a-bead”, “lab-on-a-chip” and “lab-on-a-wire” nano-devices utilizing photoluminescent, plasmonic, magnetic and non-linear optical properties of nanomaterials. This offers groundbreaking advantages over present technologies in terms of stability, sensitivity, time of analysis, probe multiplexing, assay miniaturisation and reproducibility.

Innova will support project technical, administrative and financial management. Furthermore, INNOVA will be leader of dissemination, exploitation and training activities. It will conduct a study on a proper dissemination and exploitation strategy for the consortium, including IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) related issues and will provide training courses regarding IPR management, Technology Transfer, Business Planning, Research and Creativity.

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