Incorporating European fundamental VALUEs into ICT for AGEING: A vital political, ethical, technological and industrial challenge

VALUE AGEING aims to foster cooperation between non‐commercial and commercial entities on a joint research project on the incorporation of Fundamental Values of the EU Info‐Communication Technology (ICT) for Ageing.

VALUE‐AGEING is a vital instrument to incorporate fundamental EU principles in industrial strategies and technological awareness in policy setting. Value Ageing builds upon the key principles of the SENIOR project.

The VALUE‐AGEING partnership represents a unique multidisciplinary combination, which will contribute towards educating a new generation of researchers in the field of ICT for ageing.

Innova is the “Scenario Exercise” leader, responsible for identifying specific technology areas in the field of ICT for ageing in which social, ethical, and fundamental right considerations are most required. In order to accomplish the task a set of scenarios related to the development of ICT for the ageing society will be identified and analyzed. The effects of each alternative scenario will be evaluated and their features assessed in order to be used as basis for future planning.

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