NOvel Vegetal-based Extracts Additives for CHEMical-Free FOOD

NOCHEMFOOD is a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) funded by the European Commission within FP6-research and development, under the Food Quality and Safety Thematic Priority. The project will pursue the following objectives:

develop a novel class of food additives based on mixtures of vegetal-based extracts, with the scope of substituting some currently used chemical additives, which are subject to regulation restriction and might be harmful for human health.
fully characterize these products from the chemical, biochemical and microbiological point of view with the subsequent attempt to understand their mechanism of action. The extracts will be also tested for their potential mutagenic properties as well as the antimicrobial capability against undesirable or pathogenic micro-organisms.
demonstrate the effectiveness of these novel vegetal-based mixture of compounds as preserving agents in some largely consumed foods in Europe. Target foods selected for this purposes are sausages and other food classes which will be selected and preliminarily evaluated during the course of the project.
Innova is in charge of project management, exploitation and dissemination activities.

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