Mobile eHealth for the VINdication of Global LIFEstyle chnage and disease management solutions

The aim of MovingLife is to deliver roadmaps for technological research, implementation practice and policy support with the aim of accelerating the establishment, acceptance and wide use of mobile eHealth solutions that will support lifestyle changes among citizens and improve disease management globally.

The roadmaps will address a broad group of fundamental issues such as: technology options for applications and services; options for new and improved medical guidelines; user empowerment, acceptance, ethics and privacy; socio-economic environments and policy and regulatory frameworks.

Mobile Healthcare (or mHealth) is a term that refers to the provision of medical services through the use of portable devices with the capability to create, store, retrieve, and transmit data via mobile communications. In technical terms, small devices are used to monitor patient-related data and actively communicate with a central information system; in buildings, communication takes place either over a mobile telephony or fixed line network coupled with WiFi. In open spaces, communication takes place via terrestrial (GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiMax) communication networks or low-orbit satellite communication.

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