Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Italy, Land of "Hidden Gems"

In the last years, Italy has made huge strides towards improving the R&D sector with the ultimate goal to increase the country system’s competitiveness worldwide. The high quality of research occurring in the Italian infrastructures as well as the strength of Italy’s scientific community, the increasing volume of innovative initiatives and the support measures adopted in favour of investments in innovative ventures, are interesting features of the national system that may raise the attention of foreign investments in the country.


The goal of this publication, prepared by INNOVA S.p.A. for and in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, is to give a picture of where scientific excellence lies in Italy, where innovation is spreading and how, and who is engaged in making the country more innovative and competitive. Italy, in fact, can leverage many resources: the scientific community excellence, the strength of our product brands, the number of SMEs innovating in-house, the good positioning at EU level in the attraction of European funds, a consistent support measure system addressing emerging needs and trends. The specific nature of the Italian production system and the peculiarities of the innovation processes are often hardly detected by the traditional R&D and Innovation assessment instruments. That is the reason why this publication aims to analyze the most important aspects of the Italian R&D system and its ability to produce scientific excellence, spread innovation, and attract foreign investment. The publication is also intended as a booklet to show and highlight innovative areas and support initiatives that may deserve the attention of foreign ventures for investment attraction. Italy is making strides for improvement, by implementing fundamental policy changes and new programs that ambitiously aim to attract and increase foreign investment and bring change to Italy. Each chapter provides a clear overview of Italy’s current progress in R&D and its new industrial and entrepreneurial goals, by highlighting the advancements made in the last few years, while also sketching a vision of its future.


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