The Liquid Corporation - The social media-based “liquid” organizations: open to learning and fluid in sharing.

Social media are changing the way we work, they are creating new forms of human interaction and they are changing our organizations and our businesses. During the last years the use of social media has changed people behaviours. People are rapidly evolving towards a totally connected society, where cultural interoperability will be at the basis of new forms of innovation. Social media trends are radically modifying the private sector impacting on the structure, the strategies and the communication of the organizations: liquid companies are rising. In this ever-changing marketplace “the business winners will be those that combine scale with agility”.


“The Liquid Corporation” provides a description of the social networks’ impact in business, and it deals with the present and future social media technology trends and their impact on the business organization. The text also includes the presentation of original and recent cases of how Public Administrations all around the world are investing in and testing the social media in their processes. In addition it focuses on how the strategic use of social media within a company can upset the business framework: allowing combinations of short and long term goals, adding scale, revolutionizing the old company structure and leverage on the social intelligence improving performances, transparency and accountability. The “Liquid Corporation”, published as an e Book is now available online for all electronic devices at all major eBook stores.


Aleardo Furlani, managing director of Innova S.p.A., Francesco Lutman web content manager at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Gianluca Angelici, Research and Development manager on brand reputation at Cybion S.r.l..

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