CULtural Tourism Ways through mobile Applications and Services

CULTWAyS aims to highlight the potential of mobile technologies as a key driver of service innovation in mobility industries and in emerging market segments, such as cultural tourism. This approach will enhance the attractiveness, and, as a consequence, economic and social development of remote rural areas which are not typical tourism hotspots but which have valuable cultural and natural heritage. The project will develop a mobile application for tourists travelling along the European Cultural Routes of the Via Claudia Augusta, running from northern Italy through to Bavaria in Germany, and the Way of St. James in the north of Spain. The mobile application will provide three kinds of services:
cultural heritage services, including a digital passport with certification of completed routes and location specific cultural information;
safety services with location monitoring and travel and weather information and advice;
environmental services with information on local green initiatives such as bicycle and electric car hire and eco-accommodation booking.
INNOVA is responsible for assisting in the development of supporting technical services, whilst also providing full and concise market studies and analysis that will influence the vitally important dissemination aspects of the project. Regarding the dissemination, INNOVA is also looking to build relationship with tourism initiatives from across Europe that may be interested in developing a ‘copy’ of the application, adjusted to their own regions and cultural routes.

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