Good practices for European developers of advanced ICT-enabled energy-efficiency Systems
The Project aim is to collect and analyse research results on efficiency and energy management systems (EMS) and identify opportunities for integration and applications to further complex or cross cutting areas. The main aim is to provide guidelines for economical sustainability of the industrialization of solution based on R&D current results to be mapped through two main steps:

An analysis of the technical and scientific basis;
Further improvement of features following the cutting-edge technologies and the market requirements
The project aims therefore to improve the R&D activities on technologies to make content more intelligent and self-adaptive and therefore to improve the EMS environments by:

Bringing together researchers and industrial partners of the EMS fields to explore potential synergies, joint exploitation or the identification of further shared research paths among past and on-going projects in the domain;
Defining a draft agenda that will outline the envisaged steps needed to let the R&D results potentialities comply as much as possible with the real applications needs;
Favour the market exploitation of identified/supported technologies through the access to private capital and other available financial products

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