“Organisational Innovation: The missing link to improve business competitiveness” article published in the “Innovation Briefing” of the APEC SME Innovation Center

The present article has been written by Aleardo Furlani, CEO of INNOVA SpA and Rebeca Lucas, Senior Policy Analyst of INNOVA SpA ,Rome, Italy  for publication in the “Innovation Briefing” of APEC SME Innovation Centre in December 2008:

In today's new economy characterised by continuous economic, technological and social change, the key word to survive is competitiveness, and competitiveness can no longer be achieved by technological innovation alone. The purpose of the present article is to identify the new trends and emerging facts which show how important non-technological innovation is. Non-technological innovation is a pervasive concept that includes any change to the business approach to the market, the way companies satisfy the market needs as well as the organisational changes dealing with the continuous transformation of the context where companies operate...

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