Going one step further innovating without research, FILAS study findings on the SMEs from Lazio

In 2009, Filas, the Italian Financial Development Agency of the Lazio Region, carried out an important study on the innovation mechanisms of small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on the experience of those operating in the Lazio Region. The analysis aimed at understanding specifically the following aspects:

  • to which extent innovation within the SMEs of the Lazio Region derives from investments in scientific research carried out by the firms themselves or in collaboration with others;
  • the internal (corporate) and external (environment) conditions that trigger the process by which SMEs of the Lazio develop their innovative capacity;
  • alternative modes of scientific research that SMEs use to develop their innovative capacity, verifying its effectiveness compared to the international competitive dynamics;
  • what conditions could reinforce the commitment of SMEs in research in order to strengthen its innovation capacity.

The study produced useful knowledge for SMEs under investigation as well as for "policy makers".

One of the companies under study was the Innova Group.

Read the integral study here (in Italian).

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