OPT-Sensor, Spin-off company from the University La Sapienza, among Italian representatives of the University in mission to Chengdu (China)

The University La Sapienza and the University of Trento headed the mission to Chengdu (China) in October 2010. This initiative originated from SIMEST, an important support company for the development and the promotion of Italian companies abroad, that launched a start-up fund to sustain innovative technology projects from Italian Universities in China. OPT-Sensor, a spin-off company from the University La Sapienza and participated by INNOVA’s seed-capital company, INVENT SaS, was among the spin-offs represented in China. OPT-Sensor is specialized in the development of new generation optical sensors and monitoring devices in the fields of health, pharmacy and industrial automation.  

Read the article (in Italian) “Aiuti Simest agli atenei in Cina”, published in the Sole 24 Ore, 24 October 2010.  

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