Research, an agreement between Italian and Canadian Universities

INNOVA, participated, alongside many representatives of the Italian industrial and research sectors, to this initiative, organized by the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa. It  allowed for a profitable exchange of opinions and outlooks on research and the aerospace industry, thanks to the collaboration with two prestigious Canadian Universities, Carleton and McGill, the support of Alenia Aeronautica and the involvement of entrepreneurs, researchers, universities and representatives of the institutional world.

The goal of the Round Table  was to highlight Italian areas of excellence in the sciences and to increase awareness of the Italian scientific community, to promote the development of scientific and industrial innovation internationally and further enhance bilateral cooperation between Italian and Canadian research centers, universities and firms.

Read the article published in the Corriere Canadese, "Ricerca, accordo tra le università italiane e canadesi", 6 october 2010 (in Italian).

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