Organic Spintronics an INNOVA spin-off Success Story

Organic Sprintronics, a spin-off developped by the italian national research council (CNR)and supported by the INNOVA Group has been ranked among the 45 best spin-offs from the CNR.

Organic Spintronics, created in 2003 from the invention of Prof. Carlo Taliani, one of the major experts in spintronics, has encountered an extraordinary success on the market. The company has developped innovative products in the field of coating films essentially destinated to cover photovoltaic pannels and is continuing its exponential growth. In 2009, the company was moreover awarded with an important contribution from the Innovation Fund from Tuscany.

Read more on the  Il Sole 24 Ore, "Quando spin-off conquista il mercato" and "Organic Spintronics centra il business dei film sottili", articles written by Flavia Landolfi, 19-24 April 2010.

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