SMEs from Friuli Venezia Giulia region join together to produce and commercialize innovative led-based lighting systems

Seven companies located in the Italian region of Friulia Venezia Giulia joined together to design, produce and commercialize innovative led based lighting systems: the companies cover the whole value chain (from the conceptualization to the production and the selling) thanks to complementary competencies and resources. This new business and organizational model was also proposed by CAMPUS, consulting company controlled by INNOVA,  at the end of a study commissioned by Agemont (the local agency for the Economic Development of the Mountain Region) and Area Science Park (the main Italian technological and scientific park): in fact, CAMPUS highlighted that the only way for local SMEs operating in the optics & plastic sector to sustain the global competition was the aggregation of several companies with different skills and capabilities along the value chain and the tight cooperation with specialized local research centers.

Read more on the  extract from il Messagero Veneto (in italian)

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