Italy on the frontiers of Spintronics

Spin electronics or spintronics is one of the most promissing of research. Spintronics enables to produce electronic devices that result more efficient, smaller and more economical in terms of consumption.

In order to construct the first products based on spintronics, the first step is to resolve the problems related to the development of nano-production. This is how the company Organic Spintronics was born as a spin-off of the italian Research Center (CNR). The company is detained at 66% by its chairman, Carlo Taliani, researcher at the CNR, at 24% by the CNR itself and the remaining 10% by INNOVA S.p.A.

The Italian daily Sole 24 Ore has dedicated an article on the subjet on the January 31st, 2004  issue entitled "In Italia si lavora sulla frontiera della "spintronica"".

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