The EU call for the Coronavirus

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Just a few days ago the news spread of a € 164 million flash-call launched by the European Commission to finance innovative companies equipped with solutions to deal with any aspect of the health emergency around Covid-19.

The very tight deadline - announcement of Friday 13 March for Wednesday 18, which has just been extended to 20 March - has produced a huge spread of the news on social networks in our country.

At this crucial time, many people are interested but without the knowledge as well as the tools to understand how to access the financial resources. All those who have a startup or a tech-based innovation in the course of design or marketing, an executive summary in English (or who you can translate in 24 hours), a deck, and who you imagine can be usable or reconvertible to be placing at the service of emergency management aspects due to this epidemic (whether they are health, medicine, data analytics, AI, logistics and tracking, social, etc.) should hurry to apply: the new deadline is Friday 20 March at 17 CET.

The peculiarity of this opportunity

The peculiarity of this opportunity was described by our CEO-Aleardo Furlani that participating in the EIC Accelerator program is not a challenge for everyone. Quote his words translated to English:

“The competition is very strong and requires the demonstration of technological excellence proposals and credible market scale-up plans. Even more, this is not an R&D "project" as we are used to thinking, but a growth project in which the company, its team, its skills and its intellectual property are at the centre. The EIC Accelerator project is the key to the company's entrepreneurial future, not an attempt to diversify or try new paths. The management - in the course of the pitch that is granted to a select few - must show coherent adherence to the expansion plan and the credible ability to achieve it. It must be said - but this is not stressed enough - that overcoming the pitch is the most significant obstacle for the participating Italian companies, which are often able to overcome the first screening thanks to the technological ability but who then stumble on the habit of communicating effectively and selling their concept. To win you must, therefore, approach the Accelerator with the same rigour and professionalism with which you approach a private investment fund".

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