The Global Hackathon - Fighting a Global Crisis


We're living in the time where the pandemic hit us in the most unexpected way. The fight for the now and future has never been more real. The crisis is far from over. How can we deal with the changes in the relationships, the new economy, the poor healthcare and supporting arts? This has been a challenge for us all and it has raised an essential need for us to come up with a solution for coping with the future pandemics or all crisis in a more effective way. If we act fast, this global hack could bring a great impact on our economy.


The Global Hackathon is a global community-driven platform for forward-thinking people fighting to solve both existing and post-crisis problems. It is organised by Garage48 and Accelerate Estonia and is supported by a global network of organisations in 30 countries.


Who is this event for?

  • Hackathon teams: techies, designers, business leaders, innovators etc.
  • Global leaders to inspire teams
  • Recognized industry experts to mentor
  • Public policymakers to support quick change
  • Media to report and include the whole world
  • Funds and investors to aid the rapid implementation



  • 6-8 April Team registration on Guaana platform
  • 8 April Qualified Teams Announced
  • 9-11 April Hackathon
  • 12 April Demos & Awards


How to join?


For more information, visit their website:

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