Mobilise Capital for Mobile and Mobility Services

MOBICAP aims to tackle the funding gap for early-stage Mobile/Mobility Service Industries (MMSI) by creating an online coaching community which will speed up the selection of investment ready SMEs, train the chosen ones for the initial approach to investors, develop a tailored seed fund, identify co-investment best practices and stimulate the participation of private and public capital.

MOBICAP will facilitate access to finance for MMSI and in particular for start-ups addressing challenges such as the poor investment readiness in this sector.

The objective is to provide the EMMIA PLATFORM with a base of information and analyses to address the main options for designing assistance services for the Mobility and Mobile Services Industry (MMSI). The study focus on following main issues:

Understanding pros and cons of existing public and private funding instruments for the MMSIS sector;
Analysing existing private (VCs, Business Angels, Banks) and public (EU, national and regional funds) investment vehicles in the MMSI arena;
Drawing recommendations and suggestions for the development of future supports to the sector;
Market analysis of the MMSI in EU 27 and in the Lazio Region.
Innova acts as the main subcontractor and carries out the following market studies:

“MMSI Financing Supply side in EU 27" ;
“MMSI Financing Demand side in EU 27";
“MMSI Financing Supply side in the Lazio Region (IT)".

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