Centro di Competenza ICT-SUD

The Center of Competence ICT-SUD has presented a project for the realization and the launch of a network of centers of technological competence in 6 Italian regions: Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia and Basilicata. The objective is to promote the technology and scientific development of the regional companies (especially PMEs) by supplying technology transfer services that focus on enhancing competitiveness and increasing efficiency of production processes that involve the ICT sector.
The final aim is to enable the companies to optimally respond to the ICT demand and to better target their regional market but also the national and international markets.
This approach is also used inside the network for the proposition and realization of multi-disciplinary projects of strategic value for the South of Italy (Mezzogiorno).

Innova acts as a partner for the Calabria Region.

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