Announcement of the first Public Notice for start-ups of the House of Emerging Technologies in Rome


The Public Notice aimed at innovative start-ups aimed at promoting applications of emerging technologies and 5G networks that can be adopted in the context of Roma Capitale is online.


The tender was born as part of the project of the House of Emerging Technologies in Rome, inaugurated in May inside the Tiburtina station, with the aim of generating a unique model for the birth, development and innovation of new companies. in the Roman territory, focusing on two strategic sectors for Roma Capitale: mobility and services to tourism.


A commission of experts will evaluate innovative design solutions, choosing up to 12 companies that will be admitted to the acceleration program of the CTE in Rome. Startups can apply if they have not been established for more than 60 months at the date of submission of the application for participation and whose activity is aimed at developing solutions based on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain or applied 5G technologies. in the field of mobility or tourism.

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