Aegirbio AB signs a Research & Development agreement with MediaPharma

Research Development agreement

Aegirbio ABa Swedish diagnostics company offering tests to monitor and optimize the dosing of biological drugs by means of a unique, patented technology platform - has signed a research & development agreement with MediaPharma Srl, an Italian biotech company participated by INVENT, focusing on novel drugs for the cure of cancer. Through this agreement, Aegirbio intends to develop these drugs together with MediaPharma, in oncology and other areas.

The unique characteristic of the cooperation is that Aegirbio's Veritope technology is combined with MediaPharma's portfolio already in the development phase. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, where diagnostics and drugs are developed in tandem will improve the precision of the treatment even further. In addition, MediaPharma will be able to move through the clinical phases of drug development faster and more reliably.

This represents a major stride, where Aegirbio opens up a novel business area centred on "Companion Diagnostics"; we are convinced that pharmaceutical companies will adopt such a concurrent focus on both the monitoring and the drug as a standard practice of drug development. “MediaPharma has decided to join forces with Aegirbio by using its veritope technology coupled with our portfolio, including monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics and Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC)s, during the development phase.

We believe that the addition of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring will enhance the treatment accuracy for patients,” says Stefano Iacobelli, CEO of MediaPharma Srl. "It is exciting to be given the opportunity to utilize our Veritope technology together with a drug developing company. We believe ensuring at an early stage that therapies are individualized to be the future of drug development. Furthermore, it is our conviction that this will accelerate and secure clinical trials. We take the fact that a successful team such as MediaPharma has chosen to cooperate with us as a further confirmation of our technology's prowess," says Martin Linde, CEO of Aegirbio AB.

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