Health Delivered is partnering with INNOVA to bring brings clinically validated personalised dietetics to the European Union.

Through a long term collaboration, INNOVA will begin the localization and business scouting work to scale the Health Delivered algorithms into Italy.

Health Delivered a

Health professionals cannot provide personalised meal plans to every client because the process is too time consuming and many do not have adequate training.

Health Delivered has developed a cloud-based platform that integrates complex scientific information, lifestyle and food preferences and a range of medical conditions to create personalised meal plans in minutes. Every client can receive a personalised meal plan combining the latest scientific evidence with personal preferences.

Pete Saunders, Health Delivered CEO says, “we are thrilled to work with Aleardo Furlani - INNOVA CEO - and the team at INNOVA . They have an incredible history of commercialization and we’re particularly interested in how we can use artificial intelligence to localize our technology, in Italy and then throughout the EU.

The caliber of Innova was highlighted by many people all around Europe so we are looking forward to a successful long term partnership.” Innova is already pursuing a number of funding opportunities, including grants and private investment.

Once a localization pilot has been completed, the company will begin trading in early 2019.

More information about Health Delivered is available at

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