INNOVA becomes Startup Europe Ambassador


INNOVA proudly becomes “Startup Europe Ambassador” in ITALY.

The Startup Europe Ambassadors are a group of key influencers in the European startup ecosystems to provide information and advice about the European Commission's Startup Europe initiative. The objective is to democratise the startup phenomenon so that every citizen has a fair chance to become a successful entrepreneurs wherever they are located in Europe.

The ambassadors will also help startups in their growth phase to have access to all the opportunities offered at European level. All Startup Europe Ambassadors are publicly presented today at the “Startup Europe Campfire” held in Paris. Throughout the years, European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative has become a top reference in the European startup related field, by supporting directly around 60 local ecosystems and over 750 startups to grow beyond borders.

The mission of Startup Europe is to build a Startup Continent by connecting pools of talent. The initiative encourages entrepreneurship, startup creation and growth; and connects startups, investors, accelerators, corporates, universities and the media through an array of grassroots initiatives or networks. INNOVA is part of the new Startup Europe Horizon 2020 funded project WeP-UP which is publicly launched today during the Startup Europe Campfire in Paris. 

 About Startup Europe

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission which falls under its priority of the “Digital Single Market”. Startup Europe’s goal is to democratisethe startup phenomenon so that every citizen has a fair chance to become a successful entrepreneurs wherever they are located in Europe. In addition, Startup Europe helps startups in their growth phase to scale-up across Europe and internationalise worldwide.

Startup Europe’s first priority is to develop high quality ecosystems based on talent and high level of connectedness among the players of the ecosystems at EU level. The Startup Europe has mobilised the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and helped them to have their voice heard at the EU institutions. It has helped to get a better understanding of this environment and has raised political awareness on the subject. Within the Horizon 2020 framework, 2018-2020 timeframe, 7 projects are working together in terms of financing, skills, entrepreneurial events and growth advice.

Startup Europe’s programmes focus on helping startup communities, increase collaborations between startup ecosystems, encouraging entrepreneurship, startup creation and scaling business. Learn more on the single point for startups (One Stop Shop) to access all the information they need to grow and thrive:


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