EMSO-ERIC Activity Report 2016

emsoEMSO ERIC has pubished the Activity Report 2016.

The Activity Report - approved by the Assembly of Members (AoM) of EMSO ERIC on June 16th 2017- has been prepared by Mr. Aleardo Furlani, EMSO ERIC Transition Manager, appointed by the AoM on September 29th, 2016. The activities carried out by the Transition Manager during the start-up phase are aligned with the scopes and the status of EMSO ERIC. 

EMSO ERIC is a not-for-profit legal entity/international organization undertaking mainly non-economic activities which relate to research activity.

EMSO aims to provide a new kind of large-scale infrastructure able to spur multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary investigation of deep and water column ocean processes related to marine ecosystems, climate change and marine geo-hazards, and as such to address key gaps in ocean monitoring. In 2017, the Transition Manager will be replaced by the Director General, and the IST will evolve into the Central Management Oce (CMO).

The Acitivty Report 2016 and the annex are available on
EMSO ERIC website in the documents area.

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