Avatr received significant investment from Deepbridge

Invaya Ventures the INNOVA Group branch in UK is pleased to announce that the fully owned start-up AVATR just received a significant investment from Deepbridge Capital LLP and other SEIS investors. The investment in AVATR, (100% owned by Invaya) is equivalent to a company value of over £1.7 million.

AVATR is an advanced, machine learning and artificial intelligence mobile application that uses the increasing amount of personal data generated by individuals to gain insights into user needs and behaviours - and in doing so delivers unique benefits back to individual users and their service providers. Technology: AVATR is based on a proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence tool-set that delivers a step-change improvement on existing "find-near-me" applications, which are not fully personalized or able to adjust to changes in user needs and behaviours.

About Inavya
Inavya Ventures is a London-based, European accelerator of Big Data, Energy and Health Technology Startups. INAVYA synchronises technology and brand development, deploying teams of scientists, engineers and brand developers from across our European network. INAVYA is also able to access easily science and engineering laboratories to enable rapid product creation and testing, with the outcomes deployed confidently to our established national, European and global networks.

About Deepbridge
Deepbridge Capital LLP is a venture capital firm specializing in seed investments, growth capital and early stage investments. The firm primarily invests in disruptive technology, sustainable technologies, life sciences, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, and renewable energy sectors. Deepbridge Capital LLP is based in Chester, United Kingdom with additional offices in London, United Kingdom and Bristol, United Kingdom.

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